The Louisville Team and the Fantastic Makers in the region did it! The 5th Faire was a great success. We had some issues – the Marathon passing by our front entrance and the large box of extension cords that went missing – but WOW everyone pitched in and thousands of folks had fun. As soon as we all recover a bit, we will put up some highlights posts to share our excitement. But first

Thank yous go to:

FirstBuild – Symon, Larry, Tim et al – You all not only sponsor, but you bring the Main Course – People don’t realize how hard your team works to bring us all great things – Pizza, Branded Ice balls, forges, aluminum smelting. We do. Thank You. (more in later Posts)

The 4th Street Live! Team – Ed, Ashley, Dave and Molly – You stepped up when we realized we needed a venue change. Never have hosts been so gracious (and hard working). You went above and beyond. And from comments you gained even more fans yesterday. Thank you for always saying Yes (or “we can handle it”.)

Louisville Downtown Partnership – Rebecca – You have the gift of seeing  potential, must be a family trait, and you have supported us in every way from day 1. Thank you. Jeanne- thanks for helping work magic – in a totally calm way.