Anyone who comes to the Louisville Faire knows the close relationship we have with LVL1 (pronounced Level One) – our Local Hackerspace. Under Brian Wagner, their current Head Magus, they are upping the classes offered this Holiday season. Starting with Cuttlefish casting.

“This is your chance to play with molten pewter! In this workshop we will be carving a mold out of a cuttlefish bone and then pouring molten pewter into the mold to create our own jewelry pieces. This is a simple, traditional introduction to the world of metal casting. The cuttlefish bone is easily carved using dental tools. Here is a link from make magazine that describes the process in more detail:

We are using pewter because it is easy to melt with a torch and it is an inexpensive, non-toxic metal that is easy to work with. You can use this same technique to cast silver, gold and platinum, but that is not part of this workshop (too much $$$)!”

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