Join us to make christmas-light stuffed wine bottles, or old salsa containers. How do you get a hole in the glass for the cord? How does one cut glass without it shattering? We’ll have all the equipment you need for cold glass working, plus electrical cords, plugs, and christmas light strings, to light up your project. Additionally, Scrap glass containers will be provided. Feel free to bring in some glass from home, and trade it in at the workshop.

Signup on here  Eventbrite.

What you need to bring: Glass container(s)

(like seriously as many old glass containers as you can find; you’ll break some when you first try it.)

What you get: Lighted Glass Fun

Other materials will be supplied by Maker Faire & LVL1: cords, plugs, rubber grommet, christmas lights, glass cutting and drilling tools.

Who: Adults and 12-18 year olds with an adult (and we do mean with an adult – our insurance requires it)