Greater Louisville Area

LVL1 – Louisville’s Hacker Space

LVL1 is a hackerspace in Louisville.  A hackerspace is an open community lab and workshop democratically operated by its membership. We are friendly community of tinkerers, makers, engineers, educators, scientists, artists, hackers and overall geeks. Anyone who is, aspires to be, or just wants to hang around smart, creative, friendly mad scientist maker/hacker Louisvillians is welcome at LVL1! We’ve got lots of cool tools and equipment. We’ve got a lot of really bright and creative people. We like to work on (and show off) fun and challenging technical projects.

FirstBuild – A place where ideas come to life

FirstBuild is a co-creation community that is changing the way products come to market. By letting a community influence the product from the very beginning, we can quickly deliver better products that improve the lives of our consumers. Backed by GE Appliances, we have access to world-class engineering and design talent.

WARPZONE -Collaborative workspace for Game Developers

Warp Zone Louisville is Kentucky’s first, and only, collaborative workspace focused on game creators! Monthly paying members have full 24-hour access* to collaborative workspace and the ability to host their own events such as meetups, game launches, and more! Warp Zone Louisville is also the space used to host the Louisville Makes Games! education program, Louisville Game Creator’s meetup, and many other community-focussed events.

We are Maker13.A community workshop.Our goal is to give people and small businesses in Southern Indiana access to new technology and equipment that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to use. This could be due to the cost of the machine, training, or not knowing if the product is feasible. By gaining access to this technology it will spur on innovation through individuals and other small businesses, create an interest in advanced manufacturing, give artisans the tools they need to design and create, and development a labor force for the surrounding businesses.

Regional Folks you should know

Hive13 –The Premier Cincinnati Hackerspace

Hive13 is a community oriented public workshop where people can meet and work on their projects. We provide a facility that is open 24/7/365 to all members. Hive13 is a place where you can get messy, be loud, and make whatever comes to your mind. We are open to the public every Tuesday at 7pm.

Kre8Now Makerspace

Accessible to all those in the community (individuals, schools and companies) who want to learn, build, create, and become makers, Kre8Now Makerspace is a vital part of Lexington’s community that promotes new science, technology, innovation, and manufacturing. Kre8Now Makerspace is a place where anyone with an idea and the desire to learn can get hands-on skills with a variety of amazing tools that you wish you had in your own home, garage or workshop.